Custom Highlight Shortcode

[[highlight]NEW HIGHLIGHT[/highlight]]

This shortcode is primarily for use with the slider on the home page. To add a custom color highlight for any text use the shortcdoe:

[[highlight]NEW HIGHLIGHT[/highlight]]

[[highlight color="#cc3366" padding="8px 20px 4px"]NEW HIGHLIGHT[/highlight]]

[highlight color=”#cc3366″ padding=”8px 20px 4px”]NEW HIGHLIGHT[/highlight]

The additional parameters allow you to customize the padding and color:

The color parameters supports both hex and rgba.

color="#cc3366" or color="rgba(204,51,102,.5)"


[[highlight color="#cc3366"]]

[[highlight color="rgba(204,51,102,.5)"]]

shortcode with custom padding:

[[highlight color="#cc3366" padding="10px"]] or [[highlight color="#cc3366" padding="10px 20px"]]

Horizontal Rules



change the default heart icon by adding the icon parameter with the name of any font awesome icon.

[[hr icon="quote-right"]]

[hr icon=”quote-right”]

[[hr icon="star" color="#cc3366"]]

[hr icon=”star” color=”#cc3366″]

[[hr icon="star" color="#cc3366" width="200"]]

[hr icon=”star” color=”#cc3366″ width=”200″]

[[hr-shadow width="600" top="30" bottom="30"]]

[hr-shadow width=”600″ top=”30″ bottom=”30″]

Model Reference Button (view all models in a modal window)

[[model-reference btn_text="Model Reference"]]

[model-reference btn_text=”Model Reference”]


[ani-button link=""]An Animated button[/ani-button]

An Animated button

[ani-button-full link=""]An Animated button[/ani-button-full]

An Animated button

[ani-button-small link=""]A Small Animated button[/ani-button-small]

A Small Animated button

[ani-button-small-full link=""]A Small Animated button[/ani-button-small-full]

A Small Animated button